Home Politics Kipchumba Murkomen statement on Waiguru lands him in trouble.

Kipchumba Murkomen statement on Waiguru lands him in trouble.

Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator was on the receiving end after stating that the Government will decide on behalf of the senate on the fate of Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru.  The legislator said that regardless of the facts, the governor will be saved by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. According to him the senate will make noise, quote constitution and do everything possible but won’t defeat the government’s decision.

Netizens attacked the senator by reminding him not long ago when he singing same hymn alongside the government to the citizens’ detriment.  The manner in which the former majority leader defended draconian security laws and later election laws is something that won’t be forgotten easily by the Kenyans’ elite group. “This is exactly how it felt when you passed security amendment bill, election amendment bill and other bad bills claiming you had the numbers and could do anything. It’s now boomeranging on you!” Frank Orinde lashed at Murkomen.
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He was reminded on similar motion where he wanted to save waititu in total disregard of the facts he is alluding today. The tussle is whether to take Waiguru’s case to the committee or the plenary.  Tanganga members are hoping that the Governor takes her defense to the plenary so that they can get opportunity to revenge on the perceived president’s ally.

Senator Kipchumba Murkomen at the Bomas of Kenya

Robert Josochi twitted, “I was hoping Murkomen would develop an early stand in politics but the truth is that the future is just as dark as it is today if he will be leaders of tomorrow. Flip-flopping with zero ideologies. Senate was wrong to impeach waititu but now it wrong if they save Anne???”
The Kirinyanga electorates ought to carry their own cross. They knew it was heavy from the beginning but they still chose that path. On the other hand the Governor should not be crucified in the public court of opinions until her case is heard by the senate and determined.
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