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King KAKA given 48 hours to pull down the song or face the full force of the law


In the past three days the Kenyan Rapper King Kaka made headlines after releasing his latest song. The song touches on the issues of poor governance and uninformed electorate during elections.it haven’t gone down well within some government ranks.The Rapper mentioned the issue of NYS scandal which according to him the central Kenya governor was involved. Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru wants rapper King Kaka to pull down his “Wajinga Nyinyi” song and apologise for defaming her.

Through the letter from Kiragu Wathuta & Company Advocates to King Kaka, whose real name is Kennedy Ombima, the governor gives him 48 hours to issue a full, unconditional admission of liability in writing.

“ … that you offer unequivocal unqualified and unreserved retraction as well as an apology to our client subject to review and approval,” states the letter, which warns the musician of a fresh suit for every redistribution of the song. But Kenyans on social media are demanding that the governor returns the alleged stolen NYS cash within the same period 48 hours.


The governor will file the suit on Wednesday if King Kaka will not have fulfilled the demands by then according to her lawyer.

Governor Waiguru says the remarks about her in the song are highly defamatory and depict her as extremely corrupt and having engaged in the theft of public funds at the National Youth Service (NYS), claims which she notes are false. The NYS case still in court in which the governor was absolved from blame and not culpable of any wrong doing.

The now very famous Rapper touched on the issues not limited to corruption, poor health facilities, falsehood by the politicians, inadequate support to sportsmen and stupid voters who base on handouts and tribalism in making their choices.


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