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Kenyans advise the President to bring on board the two Exemplary Governors to assist him in fighting covid-19


The covid-19 pandemic has hit hard the whole world including developed countries. Superb plans and strategies are the key to combat the epidemic. True leaders have emerged as well as the zombies. The Cs for health Mutahi Kagwe has been voted as the best among the key stakeholders in the executive. USA president Donald Trump has been viewed as the worst mistake the country did during voting a couple of years ago.

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho

In Kenya, among 47 counties, 2 of them have been outstanding with the CEOs planning and executing those plans themselves bearing fruits so far. The Uasin Gishu Governor Jackson Mandogo has taken the issue of covid-19 personally and sometimes making painful individual decisions even some contrary to those of nation government. The governor was the first to partially lockdown the Northrift town of Eldoret. The government medical facilities are equipped, the town fumigated daily and those travelling from Nairobi put in a compulsory quarantine. He even went ahead to demolish the kiosks where the retailers were stubborn in following the directives. Governor Mandago has already given out food to less fortunate and he’s ready for a total lockdown.

Spray Booth in Mombasa launched by Governor Joho and Businessman Suleiman Shahbal

Governor 001 has made Kenyans question the PHD holders’ credentials in leadership. Sultan has emerged as the best and second to none. He began by rallying the fellow Muslims not to attend prayers in the mosques. The governor brought order at the Likoni ferry after the police brutalized the residents on the first day of the curfew. Governor Ali Hassan Joho has come out strongly to welcome well-wishers including his opponents to help him in the fight against Covid-19. This has led to acquiring more medical facilities and more so ICU beds and equipment.

Uasin Gishu Governor Jackson Mandago

The Mombasa governor has set up technology like Turkey to fight the virus. Together with businessman Suleiman Shahbal have launched a sanitizing spray booth where ferry users pass through and sprayed on by disinfectants. Kenyans have lauded Joho and urge the president to bring him on board instead of absentee deputy to help him kill this virus especially in Nairobi metropolitan.


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