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It’s now VERY EXPENSIVE to join Kenyan Army.

Kenya Defense force Officers in the past function

Corruption in Kenya has gone a notch higher even those who used to steal millions are now opting for billions. Our roads now have become cash cows as the traffic police opt to raise from sh. 50 to sh. 100 from Matatu operators per day.  As the cost of living skyrocket, most agencies have also opted to raise figures in terms of bribery fee. Those who have sort services from the government institutions succeed after giving out tokens for faster expeditions of their issues.

The mainstream media haven’t been left out. If you wish a media personality to cover the story on the way you wish then there’s a package for the same. Currently form one admission exercise is ongoing, as parents move up and down to secure better schools for their kids. Some schools have a price tag whether in cash of material for you to secure a chance.  This has become the norm in all sectors. What baffles me the rate at which the value is increasing. Who will come for our rescue? Seemingly there’s no light at the end of the tunnel as the situation moves from bad to worse.

The Kenya Army recruitment exercise that started on 27th November 2019 is almost coming to an end. Surprisingly, the exercise was just done as a formality. Most youth who turned up in large numbers, went through vigorous physical exercises, had to accept that only those who had bribed were to be considered. All what they did was just null and void. The strict statement DOD issues every time they announce recruitment is meant to fool Kenyans and demeaning our mental well-being.


CORRUPTION. Bribery  and  other  acts  of  corruption are against the law.  All persons presenting themselves for recruitment purposes with fake/falsified documents or caught engaging in any corrupt activity shall be arrested and prosecuted. If you accept to be conned, you will lose your money or property and go to jail; it has happened to many citizens during past recruitments. Do not waste your money and risk imprisonment; NO ONE  can influence the recruitment process. Report any suspicious activities to the nearest Police Station or a Military Camp. KDF recruitment is absolutely  FREE  TO ALL.


The recruiting officers are given instruction opposite to the statement you have read above. This ongoing exercise is the most expensive in the history of this country. There’s nothing like luck if there’s then only comes after one pays sh. 400,000. The figure is very minimum amount recruits are paying the secure a chance. My prediction in five years’ time the amount will hit sh. 1m to join the disciplined force.  The government which ofcourse is not interested in fighting this vice presumably the amount collected benefits even the senior-most fellows in the defense system. Solving the corruption epidemic is not rocket science. Just get an independent reputable organization just like Pricewater coopers does for the banks, to recruit the officers on behalf of security institutions in this country.  Otherwise, the whole exercise is just a waste of time.


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