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Is Mike Sonko a real deal?

Governor mike sonko

The super Governor who has defeated all odds to excel in development the county just two years in office has done what others didn’t do in five years.

The Nairobi governor has never had it easy to run the capital city as the CEO. He has been going through turbulent waters since he was sworn in. The governor was not allowed to have his preferred cabinet from the very beginning. He received names from powerful individuals and reluctantly employed them. At some point he was forced to employ deputy county secretary to overshadow the county secretary whom he believed was forwarded to control his operatives.

Before elections most people believed that Mike Sonko will be unable to run the city and even was publicly told that he would specialize in politicking as his deputy Polycarp Igathe takes charge. Little did they know the secret cards the man who was viewed as uneducated was hiding under the table. This was evident when his deputy then would seem to assume the powers of the governor. This led to the fallout of the duo leading to Igathe’s resignation.

To his disappointment, Sonko appointed the exiled Dr. Miguna Miguna just to send a strong message to his political nemesis. But unfortunately it didn’t go through because Miguna wasn’t able to secure his Visa back. Though according to Miguna’s twitter account, stated that he could not take up the role.

The smart governor could have been impeached long time ago but he was too smart by embracing opposition MCA’s immediately he was elected. He not close to appointing anyone as the deputy governor because he knows very well it will disastrous for him especially if he picks an individual of their choice.

Despite all this debacle in the city hall, the man of the moment has done is still developing the city in all essential sectors. Remember the gentleman mostly works from his home in Machakosi County. The governor has upgraded hospitals in terms of infrastructure, human resource and necessary equipment. He has installed floodlights all over city which has led increased business and sense of security in the city. During his first year in office, he bought drilling machines that has seen many boreholes driven to get water for residents especially in the slums. Garbage collection was a nightmare in the past but it’s now one of major priorities at city hall. Cartels frustrated him in the beginning but after publicly bashing them, the city is clean now.

Mike Sonko unlike the Dp who promised nine stadia and yet to construct one, he’s completing Dandora stadium with others almost commencing. More roads have been opened up, trees and grass planted along under his leadership.  I will be mean if I don’t mention Sonko rescue team. This was seen in the beginning as a PR stunt but it has come out as the most effective rescue group only second to Redcross. They assist Kenyans not only in the city but all the country.  The only issue Kenyans were uncomfortable was allowing “Boda boda” in the CBD and hawkers in the streets everyday but he has since corrected.


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