Home Politics Is merit enough to secure a job or tender in Bungoma county?

Is merit enough to secure a job or tender in Bungoma county?


It has emerged from serious revelations in Bungoma county government that to secure a job or tender, sexual favors ought to extend to some officials within the circles of power. It was evident during the burial of the late Eunice Lumonya in kimilili on satuday 16th February 2019. The mother of the deceased narrated everything concerning the job offers and tenders the late had been awarded by the senior county government officials. The burning question is: was it on merit?

The social media busted after it was revealed through CECM Makanda Wakoli facebook handle on the favors extended to the late Eunice Lumonya. On his facebook page he CECM stated that the late refused to be awarded a job at the county instead she requested for tenders that he convincingly dished out in his ministry and ministry of roads.

The residents are up in arms demanding the resignation of the CECM on the grounds of nepotism and disregard of the constitution. Others are castigating the Governor Hon. Wycliffe Wangamati for not taking charge of county 039 and allow the cartels around him derail his development agenda. The frustrated youth on social media were questioning the county C.E.O to come clean on when the jobs and tenders will be best on academic potential and merit respectively.

Most members of the public were pointing out the previous appointments that were not based on merit but the bottom prowess and powers. According to them, it’s regrettable since the law allows fair chance to every person who meets the required qualifications to get equal opportunity.  Mr. Wangila Wabomba former Meru University secretary general of students union requested members of the public especially on social media to continue demanding service delivery from the county government with sobriety, but not witch-hunt tactics and name calling. He reminded the governor that the time is running very fast and soon the bell will ring. “The Governor ought to put his foot soldiers on toes as soon as possible to fulfill his promises to Bungoma residents.

The most condemned ministry is the roads ministry that has seen most tenders given to cronies, friends and “slay queens” according to the media revelations in mid February 2019. Hardworking CECM for roads Mr. Collins Mukhongo has not been spared either on the basis of nepotism as close relatives get tenders in his ministry. The names of the companies will be revealed later as due process is being done to ascertain the authenticity.


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