Home News I won’t apologize for Bomas outburst—Senator.

I won’t apologize for Bomas outburst—Senator.

Senator Kipchumba Murkomen at the Bomas of Kenya

During the Wednesday event when he claimed the manner in which it was organised was biased, Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Mr. Kipchumba Murkomen was shouted down at some point.

The senator lamented that the kieleweke group was given many chances to speak as opposed to the Tangatanga team that supports deputy president William Ruto. Terming the forum as meant to unite everyone, it was expected for every group to be given equal chances during presentations. The team that supports the handshake controlled the proceedings according to Majority leader at the senate.

“Even before I spoke as the Leader of Majority in the Senate, I was already feeling the conversation didn’t represent the wider communities across the country,” Murkomen said. The senators outcry was in full glare of the media and infront of several distinguished guests at the Bomas of Kenya.

“Your Excellency, we must have an honest discussion here. Junet Mohammed, I’ll be lying if I left this stage without saying that this programme has been skewed to leave out people with different opinions,” lamented Murkomen immediately he took to the podium. The legislator said that the forum was meant to build a honest Kenya. Therefore different opinions ought to have been respected. The crowd was charged to shut him down, thanks to the chair of the BBI team Senator Yusuf Hajji who intervened to calm down the situation.

But the senator remains adamant that he won’t apologize to anyone. He said while being interviewed on KTN News on Wednesday night. He was frustrated at which the MC was chosen terming Suna MP as a person who’s not able to preside over a function of that stature. “Junet is my friend but lacks capacity to run a programme of a nation event”, he said.

The senator questioned the architects of the event which lost the theme of reconciliation thus worked on achieving exclusivity. “The choice of MC notwithstanding, the speakers were not picked from different political sides as expected”, Murkomen lamented. Therefore the meeting was meant to humiliate those of us close to the Deputy President. “There’s no single moment I will render my apology to anyone just because I said the truth”, he added on. The division in the ruling party is further widening day in day out.


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