Home Entertainment I apologize for posting the video—Willy Paul.

I apologize for posting the video—Willy Paul.


Social media busted after Willy Paul posted a video on his instagram showing a man assaulting a woman. The woman was being hit as she falls down severally. Then the singer captioned and wrote, “ukiomba dame halafu akunyime”. Both his fans and nemesis were angered by the weird character of once a celebrated gospel singer.

The notable media character who reacted was Janet Mbugua who said the video was really disturbing. “ Do not post such videos, its reckless and makes it funny to be violent”, she said. Most people who criticized Willy Paul and demanded that he apologize publicly after pulling down the video from instagram.

In a rejoinder Willy Paul rendered his apology terming it unfortunate and wasn’t his intention. “Someone just did send it to me and I just posted”, he said. He further said, “I didn’t know it affected people negatively therefore I ask for forgiveness”.

The former Gospel singer who has since moved to secular world said that his relationship with God has never changed and will continue serving him despite the ever growing criticism from fans. The artist left most people disturbed especially when he started singing secular music with funny dressing.

The artist said he releasing a new song known as magnetic. He has produced alongside a Jamaican. The song simplifies power of attraction like a magnet.


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