Home Politics Humiliated Three times at BOMAS of Kenya—–This is what Kenyans said.

Humiliated Three times at BOMAS of Kenya—–This is what Kenyans said.


The history of this country, Kenya depicts a minimal impact in politics among people of integrity. Instead most them have chosen the path of cooperate world. Politicians in this country sail on falsehood and blackmail to gain fame. The leadership of Jubilee party led by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto has consistently lied to Kenyans since 2013. Starting with 10,000km or tarmac roads, provision of universal health that’s affordable to everyone, the famous five international stadia, creation of one million jobs annually, free primary and secondary education, reducing the value added tax on essential commodities e.t.c. Lately the Government came up with the big 4 agenda which is still a mirage in the eyes of desperate Kenyans.

The arrogance at which the deputy president narrates the agenda of the government every day in political rallies tells it all about complete lack of genuine. He spells out issues to poor Kenyans without blinking his eyes. Day in day out as Kenyans suffer during this hard economic times, the man who’s the second in command is adamantly campaigning and worse enough still giving promises.

About the handshake and BBI: On March 8 2018 the President and the former prime minister shook hands to end the political turmoil in Kenya. This came after disputed presidential elections that led to chaos especially in NASA strongholds. As most Kenyans appreciated the handshake, the deputy president and his lieutenants vehemently opposed terming it a ploy by Raila Odinga to wreck the ruling party. Dr. William has been using abusive language whenever he takes on the pulpit abusing the proponents of the Building bridges initiative.  He wasn’t expected to attend the release of the report at the Bomas of Kenya.  Now that he was present some Kenyans felt sorry for him after the humiliations.

On arrival at the venue, Dr. Ruto was blocked by statehouse operatives to join the President and Raila Odinga in the boardroom. He then was forced to wait for them at the dais just like the rest of the congregants. During presentations only Elgeyo Marakwet senator Mr. Kipchumba Murkomen was given a chance to address the nation from the tangatanga brigade. Majority leader Aden Duale is no longer part of that group since the handshake. It was embarrassing as the MC of the day Mp Junet Muhammed sarcastically relayed information demeaning the tangatanga group in front of the DP.

After the session, is understood that the deputy president was told to wait until the President and Odinga left the venue. It was so traumatizing for the Dp and his tangatanga group to encounter a long Wednesday. Most Kenyans feel sorry for the deputy President and wish they could support him if he was a good man. But now that he has lied since 2012 without feeling sorry to Kenyans’ predicaments, they opt not to dance his tune.


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