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How William Ruto Will lose Deputy President Position by law in Mid-February

Deputy President Dr. William Ruto

The parliamentary Bill that was passed by the senate recently and National Assembly during the festive season, was signed by President Uhuru Kenyatta Yesterday at statehouse. The Bill which was enacted as political parties amendment bill, was fiercely opposed by the Deputy President’s lieutenants in the house.

Hon. Martin Pepela in a past Function

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The political Parties act of 2011 was changed by introducing the article on political parties coalitions. The Bill outlines the funding of political parties in a coalition and stating the functions of political parties. The UDA supporters opposed the law and tried to amend some clauses but the effort was futile.
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Registrar of Political parties office was given more powers namely; certifying political parties membership lists and rules governing nomination and enhancing democracy. The bill has necessitated the key players to move with speed as the deadline for presenting coalition agreement approaching.
President Uhuru Kenyatta and Dp william Ruto in a past event

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For one to contest in any Party, the Aspirant must be a member of that Party or coalition six months to the polls. That means the Deputy President will have to ditch Jubilee Party and join UDA in the coming days. What’s the implication? According to the Jubilee Party agreement, the party leader was to become the Head of state and government, while the deputy party leader taking the position of the Deputy President. Therefore if the DP quits the party today, the he automatically loses his current position.
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