Home Politics Hon. Cate Waruguru interview angers Ruto supporters.

Hon. Cate Waruguru interview angers Ruto supporters.


Laikipia women representative Cate Waruguru on Wednesday evening while appearing on Inooro TV distanced herself completely from the former ally Deputy President William Ruto. She accused Ruto of conmanship and moves intended to divide the Mt. Kenya region for selfish gain. The legislator said that the President remains the Mt. Kenya kingpin even after 2022.

She stated that Inua Mama is a political outfit which has nothing to do with Kenyans; it was formed as a political campaign tool for 2022. According to her William Ruto is very selfish. He doesn’t care about our country that’s why he is fighting BBI.

Hon. Cate Waruguru at Capitol hill
image: Kdrtv

The women cautioned the Mt. Kenya region that being with Ruto they should prepare to go in opposition after 2022 polls. “Ruto is taking our people to opposition. With our numbers, we can’t be in opposition. Ruto is trying to mislead our people”, she alluded.

She advised Political brokers to stop lying to William Ruto. “He can only penetrate Mt Kenya through President Uhuru Kenyatta, our defacto, de’jure, political leader”, the legislator said.
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The Laikipia legislator said that Ruto is only good at false promises and launching ghost projects to hoodwink people. “In Laikipia, he promised us over 30 projects, 6 buses, 7 dinning and church halls and tens of goodies, 3 years later, he has delivered nothing but conmanship. Laikipians hate liars”, she said.
“Before President Uhuru picked Ruto in 2013, he was just a mere Mp. From a mere Mp, President Uhuru made him our Deputy President. Without President Uhuru’s support, Ruto’s 2022 dream is as good as dead”, she emphasized.

Ms. Waruguru said the that same Uhuru who introduced Ruto to Mt Kenya, has introduced Rt Hon Raila Odinga.. “You can’t support and thank President Uhuru for introducing Ruto to Mt Kenya and castigate him for introducing Raila. There’s no way someone can be fired by your Boss and you go ahead and rehire him. It’s total sabotage, insubordination and disrespect basing on Dennis Itumbi case”, the bitter women rep. alluded.
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