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Fred Fabian Ngajiro: A Famous Tanzanian Businessman who is an Inspiration for Young Entrepreneurs

Fred Vunjabei: A Famous Businessman Inspiring for Young Entrepreneurs

Despite Tanzania entering the Central economy, it has also been an opportunity for young people, businesses and entrepreneurs to continue to invest in various fields to boost the national economy.

Fred Fabian Ngajiro popularly known as “Fred Vunjabei” is one of the famous young entrepreneurs who inspire other young people in entrepreneurship and self-reliance to grow the national economy and earn a living. He has recently become the talk of the town with clothing and footwear retailers in his approach to opening shops while engaging in entertainment from various artists.

It is almost a month after the opening of Vunja Bei’s shop in Iringa region, Fred has been seen with great commercial awareness in opening many Vunja Bei branches in various regions of Tanzania. He has been mixing business and entertainment while organizing concerts on the launch days of shops in various regions to ensure his customers get the diversity of services in his stores.

It has become a habit for entrepreneurs to advertise their business only through the internet but for his part Fred says “Business Without Entertainment is not complete, so I have to think outside the box to bring motivation to my customers, but also this is a job opportunity for my fellow young people with dreams and goals far”. Says Fred Vunjabei.

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He spoke in one media outlet that he `strongly believes in the strength of youth and dedication but more to set long-term goals in everything they do. Vunja Bei has recently been at the forefront of engaging in Tanzanian Arts by assisting in various music events and one of the biggest events has been one of the sponsors of artist Zuchu’s album from WCB Wasafi held in Mlimani city. Fred said the goal is to increase incentives in various fields of Arts and Entertainment but also to reach out to the target audience in his business.

He was quoted as saying, “I have a plan to ensure that every region of Tanzania gets one clothing and footwear store so that Tanzanians can benefit from my quality but affordable products.”


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