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EDUCATION: Wilson Sossion position on Re-opening of schools.

Former KNUT secretary Wilson Sossion image: Daily Nation

The schools and colleges closed on March, 16th 2020 as directed by the president himself due to the spread of covid-19. The head of state directed that the institutions be closed for a period of 30 days. Then the Cabinet secretary for Education Prof. George Magoha extended the period by another 30 days upto June 4th, 2020. But chances of opening on the said date are minimal given that the government extended curfew by 21 days again which will last up to 6th June.

Kenyans have been asked to submit views to the committee formed to look into the education matters moreso opening date for the learners. The latest date to give views is 18th May, 2020 to Dr. Sarah Ruto led committee.
Currently the ministry of education is engaging the learners through media platform in all subjects. The Cs for education Prof. George Magoha did call upon parents to guide their children to adhere to the lessons being delivered on the media.

Cs. Education Prof. George Magoha

The Knut Secretary Wilson Sossion is adamant the children should repeat the entire year. “As country we are not ready to see our children get infected and more death”, he insisted. He said that nobody should propose re-opening of schools at the moment. He emphasized that it won’t be possible to follow the health procedures once the schools are re-opened. “We don’t know the trend of virus for now and we cannot take it casually”, Sossion said. The secretary general of the giant teachers union was speaking during the interview on Citizen TV.


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