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EDUCATION: Magoha gives guidelines on syllabus coverage.

Cs. Education Prof. George Magoha

The rise of COVID-19 in Kenya has disrupted the education system in Kenya. This year’s calendar must be altered so that the learners get the entire content when schools resume. The E-learning going on spearheaded by KICD has not captured majority of students thus cannot be termed as lessons attended because there’s no feedback.

Starehe Boys Centre

Education CS Magoha says he cannot give a date when schools will reopen, 52 days after they were shut to curb Covid-19 spread. The Cs was being interrogated in the national assembly. He also stated that when schools open, the syllabus will start from where it stopped. “Our teachers are good and if they focus on the children who perhaps didn’t have the benefit of using e-learning at home, they will be able to cover the syllabus quickly”, Prof. Magoha said.
The Cs emphasized that the government has all the intention to ensure all our children are safe in school by following all the COVID-19 guidelines from the Ministry of Health. According to him, children can stay at home even one year so long as they safe.


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