Home Politics Dennis Itumbi reveals President Uhuru’s new plan for 2022.

Dennis Itumbi reveals President Uhuru’s new plan for 2022.

President Uhuru and Dennis Itumbi in a past Function

The ruling party has had its share divisions in the last few months. The divorce is imminent. It’s not the question of if but when. At the moment President Uhuru Kenyatta cannot see eye to eye with his Deputy William Ruto. The honeymoon ended seemingly after Jubilee’s reelection in 2017. It was evident when the president was appointing cabinet secretaries in piecemeal solely.
At the moment the Tangatanga faction has taken their guns to the doorstep of the President. They have revealed and even produced documents proving the Presidents’ sister when she was awarded a tender to supply campaign materials.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy in past function

Since Mr. Itumbi was sending packing from the statehouse as the digital and communication officer he has been vocal on defense of the Deputy President. His prowess in digital world helps him to unearth sensitive information concerning their opponents. He tracks their movements and communication especially when they use the mobile phones.
Today he has revealed the agenda on the table for Kieleweke in the push to join a new house and this is what he said;
“Good Morning,
Just some Random Raw Info.
1. PNU Fundraising raises Shs. 66m at La Mada Hotel
2. CS Munya tells meeting that President Uhuru sent in Shs. 5m
3. The Participants pay a Bar, boardroom and restaraunt bill of Shs. 1.8m (At this point I doubt anyone has been tested, but anyway)
4. Tuesday last week, PNU files a request at Registrar of Political Parties, an intention to change names to The National Unity (TNU) Party.
The idea, is to fight in Jubilee, reduce it to a shell, then bolt to new party.
In other words the Launch strategy for TNU is a fight in Jubilee first!
But worry NOT eyes on the RACE not the Sideshows!”

We just wait to see what will unveil in the course of the week. I will keep you updated.


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