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COVID: The National Government surrenders on the war on COVID-19

Cs for health Mutahi Kagwe

It’s now a matter of concern in Kenya as the Cs Mutahi Kagwe shows open despair on the war against spread of COVID-19 pandemic. The Government has been on the forefront led by the President himself in rallying Kenyans to adhere to measures given by the COVID-19 emergency committee. President Uhuru and the Cs on several occasions have pleaded with Kenyans to be disciplined to help in flattening the curve.

Things are not rosy now as the National government is shifting the goalposts to the County governments to prepare adequately to deal with the disease. The Cs categorically said the health ministry is devolved and now the Governors have opportunity to take care of corona infected patients. Kenyans might again cry for help from the national government, not to surrender them to some clueless governors. So far only five counties are ready to battle the pandemic. Notable counties ready are Kakamega, Kilifi Machakos, Makueni and Mombasa.

So far COVID-19 cases in Kenya has hit 2,340 after 124 more test positive, Health Ministry says 2,640 samples tested in the last 24 hours. According to Mutahi Kagwe the Nairobi hospitals are almost full. The ministry is resorting to home-based care. The Cs said the Ministry is planning to adopt home-based care for asymptomatic patients. “If this is implemented, it will decongest health facilities. Mbagathi and KU hospitals getting to full capacity Number of confirmed COVID-19 cases”, the Cs alluded.
It is disturbing to note that truck drivers remain stranded in Malaba border. 13 Drivers tested positive for COVID-19 three days ago. Patients now accuse gov’t of frustrating them. Truckers are being held at the Customs yard in Malaba. Unfortunately the cases are rising each day with no hope of subsiding.
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Mr. Kagwe was frustrated that more than 200 Kenyans given out wrong contacts. He cautioned them on the impending consequences and even threatened to publish their photos. “We’re going to take stern action on those flouting rules”, he said.
On the same stubbornness behavior truck drivers are reportedly using fake papers to cross the border. This behavior will hinder the effort the government has injected to far. Kagwe accused truck drivers of carelessly spreading COVID-19. Such careless behavior behaviors is the main reason the National government is giving up on citizens; putting them in the hands of governors and encouraging home based care. The country is likely to be opened up by the president this weekend.


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