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Caleb Koistany Opens up about the statehouse PG Meeting and his position on BBI.

Soy Mp Caleb Koistany

The Jubilee Parliamentary meeting was held on June 2, 2020 in the statehouse chaired by President Uhuru Kenyatta.  The meeting was also attended by the Deputy President Dr. William Ruto and the party Secretary General Raphael Tuju. The Mps had to wait until 11:00am for commencement of the meeting which was supposed to start at 9:00am.

According to the Majority leader, the meeting was fruitful as almost all Mps attended and left the venue united.  Mr. Aden Duale emphasized on the need of all jubilee members to support the president’s agenda. The cautious Duale urged the members not politicize government agenda on the floor of the house.

Dp William Ruto and Soy Mp Caleb Koistany

On the contrary the Member of Parliament for Soy constituency and also the jubilee party deputy secretary general dismissed the meeting as up down instead of down up. Speaking on Citizen TV, the agitated legislator bashed at the head of state for keeping them two hours then holds the meeting within 25 minutes with no chance of interrogation.
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According to him, the Jubilee purge will continue and those aligned to the Deputy President will eventually be shown the exit door. “I think anybody who is aligned to the DP should just be on their toes…you can even see it in Honorable Duale’s tone, today he has not mentioned the DP, it seems he is now toeing the line he is supposed to toe…” – Caleb Kositany
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The legislator urged the leadership to run Jubilee as a family and as a political party that accommodates views from all the members of the party.  He also claimed that the reform agenda is not timely and could have happened in 2017 but not now. “Yes we have issues with the constitution, yes we need to make amendments to the constitution but I do not think the timing is right”, he said.  The wrangles in the ruling might intensify as the “clean up exercise” heads to the parliamentary committees.
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