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Busia Family that will NEVER forgive Former President Moi

Former president Moi and his family

Former SONU chairman from Busia Teso was elected to lead giant students union in University of Nairobi alongside former Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto as his assistant in 1981. Titus Adungosi was elected at a time when Moi had just taken Kenyan leadership from the late Jomo Kenyatta. The then naïve Moi was slowly changing to a dictator day by day.  Some will say politely that was not dictatorship but acting tough.  The students union was not left behind in the struggle for democracy.  At that time Titus spearheaded the fight for a democratic Kenya from students’ union angle.

Then President Moi changed completely after the attempted cuop de tat in 1982.  Most people were arrested Titus Adungosi included. Titus was taken to Kamiti prison and detained after a judicial process. Ofcourse the judiciary was being directed from “above”.  The reason for Titus’ arrest was that he organized demonstration for the support of the coup. “In Kamiti Titus really endured pain and his academics at UON halted,” said a family member.  Titus appealed the court ruling in vain. It was quashed altogether.

University of Nairobi

The SONU chairman was to be released after 10 years in prison. But on the 9th year he was transferred to Naivasha maximum prison where things turned from bad to worse. He was brutally tortured according to his close family member. He passed on in prison where the police alleged it was suicide mission. The family was left deserted and with deep fear of the state. Titus body was laid to rest in Teso by family members without support of the villagers because the home was cordoned by a contingent of the men in uniform.

Moi’s demise in February has attracted many condolences across the world save for a few like Titus family members. The former President at some point asked for forgiveness from those he erred and also forgave those who crossed his path. As the nation prepares to lay the former presidents remains, our prayers are with those close family members to get solace in God. On the other hand we pray the families that suffered under his regime to be strong enough to forgive Mzee before he’s laid to rest.


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