Bungoma County senator Moses Wetangula has hit out again at the county executive this time round matters education. The administration seemingly won’t cease to be on the headlines on either misuse of funds or poor leadership. “The Kenyatta administration has consistently funded VTCs to enhance youth capacity in the country”, he said. “But unfortunately up to date the ministry in charge cannot clearly account for the 1st national grant which they received & disbursed for FYR 2017/2018; and if they have done then it’s through fictitious records. They deliberately delayed to disburse funds to the 36 registered Vocational Training Centers, a problem which caused the county to miss out on the second allocation because by the time the National Government through State department of Technical and Vocational Training were carrying out monitoring and evaluation. In addition those that had received they had received less than what was expected for reasons which until now have never been understood” he noted.
Sad to mention that up to date some VTCs have never received the grant yet the records shows that they received.

A past event in a local Vocation Training Centre

Principals forced to acknowledge they received the funds.
The Bungoma County education Director Mr. Cyrus Wanyonyi who’s the key stakeholder has hidden information concerning the funds. His office is opaque without a single ray of transparency. The county Chief Officer Mrs. Rose Murunga and CECM for education Dr. Betty Mayeku have to explain to residents the serious matter as alleged above. As we speak sources reveal that Principals in charge of some institutions have been forced to just give feedback by filling a certain online form whereby they are forced to indicate the amount yet they have never received (Approximately close to Ksh.4M). The now aggressive senator assured residents through a local radio station that he won’t tire until the matter is settled and residents gotten what’s due.

Stundents at the Vocational Training Center interacting with computers

Since March 2019(Last year) VTCs have never received bursaries hence making training & learning very difficult in most of the VTCs moreso those that didn’t receive grants from National Govt. It’s important to note that, the department has deliberately been using delaying tactics by micromanaging the institutions forgetting that VTCs and ECDEs are the only devolved functions meaning the county is supposed to budget and give more funds to those institutions.

Information reaching me on my desk is that third allocation of Grants from national government was received by the county about 1-2 months ago, but again just like the first allocation; the department has delayed releasing funds to VTC bank accounts up to date. It’s unfortunate that the mistake caused the county to miss out on the second allocation and unfortunately the same is being repeated. It’s really sad to inform you that since the year started VTCs have never received funds neither the grant funds from national government nor bursaries. MCAs have been kept in the dark and it’s now time to come up and demand justice for the vulnerable members of the public.
The VTCs BOM staff (Both teaching & Non-teaching staff have gone for over 12months without their stipends. Most VTCs operate without instructional materials, majority lack tools & equipment hence offering substandard training. It’s high time the department need to be investigated.

Moses Wetangula-Bungoma County Senator

Since devolution started about 8years down the line, the department has only succeeded well in funding and constructing modern workshops in two centers of excellence I.e Wekelekha VTC and Mteremuko VTC both are found in one subcounty (Kanduyi subcounty)
There are a total of 91 Vocational Training Centers in Bungoma County but apart from those two Centers of excellence, the rest have been receiving too little money since then (a drop in the ocean) hence making them very difficult to operate and sustain the programmes. Sources say they are planning for release a small fraction of the bursaries just for payment of outstanding wages for staff employed on Board of Management terms. The question is why can’t the department full amount of money (For both bursaries and national grants for the 36 registered VTCs) since the centers have other pending bills to clear e.g electricity, water, food supplies etc.
The Governor who’s the county CEO ought to come out clearly to restore order now that the department of VTC is fully devolved. If he fails to do so then the assumption will be he’s also dancing the same tune something that will continue damaging his dwindling image.


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