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Better deal for classroom teachers after Job evaluation

Dr. Nancy Macharia in a past event

The last job evaluation was skewed and only favoured the school administrators leaving out classroom teachers. In a new job evaluation, the SRC has recognized the massive roles classroom teachers play in schools. This has necessitated increase in the package in the upcoming CBA.
The SCR report shows the present job descriptions of the classrooms teachers, based on the 2016/2017 evaluation, grossly undervalued their worth, resulting in poor pay.

“There were significant disparities in the compensation and career progression between the institutional administrators and classroom teachers in the teaching profession as the job evaluation results for 2016/2017 did not adequately cater for the remuneration of classroom teachers. This might be attributed to poor development of job descriptions in 2016,” reads the report.
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The following categories were the beneficiaries in the last CBA;
1.All primary school heads of boarding and day schools were automatically move up to Grade D1, earning between Sh77,840 to Sh93,408.
2.Primary head teachers with lower students’ population were elevated to C5, earning Sh62,272 and Sh77,840.
3. Primary school deputy head teachers were also moved up to grade C5 and Grade C4, earning between Sh52,308 and 65,385.
4.Senior primary teachers were moved up, to grade C2, to earn between Sh34,955 and 43,694.
5. Principals of national schools were moved to Grade D5 for salaries of between Sh131,380 and Sh157,656 per month. The pay was also based on the school categories. Principals of extra-county schools moved to grade D5 as their deputies move to D3.
6. Principals of county schools were moved to grade D4 as those of sub-county boarding schools rose to Grade D4. Deputies head teachers of county and sub-county schools moved to grades D3 and D2 respectively.
7. Principals of sub-county day schools moved to group D3 and secondary school senior headmasters moved to Grade D4.

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