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A section of Teachers countrywide to miss their salaries until they comply with TSC guidelines.


Non-compliance of declaration of income assets and liabilities is an offence in the provisions of the public officers Ethics Act (2013). Below is the directive from Teachers Service Commission for the teachers who failed to declare their wealth.
The provisions of the Public Officers Ethics Act (2013) require all public officers to submit their Income, Assets, and Liabilities within stipulated period. All Commission employees were therefore required to declare their 2017/2019 Income, Assets, and Liabilities by 31 December, 2019 through the TSC Wealth Declaration online portal.
However, over 3,500 employees (secretariat staff and teachers) did not declare their Wealth within the stipulated deadline. Consequently, the Commission has stopped the employees’ salaries for Non-Compliance from March and April 2020 payrolls.
The affected employees will be reinstated back on payroll upon fulfillment of the following requirements:
1) The respective employees (staff and teachers) are required to write a
letter through their immediate Supervisor/Head teacher/Principal to explain why they did not adhere to the instructions to declare their wealth as stipulated in law.
2) The Headteacher/Principal/Supervisor to confirm in writing that the employee has been in active service and /or has been teaching all along. The letter should be validated and forwarded to TSC Headquarters by the TSC County Director/TSC Sub-County.

3) To fast track reinstatement, the letters be scanned and emailed to TSC headquarters with a covering letter listing the forwarded cases, by the TSC County Director.
4) The scanned documents should be submitted to the HRM Digits group emails:- allhrmdigit[email protected] and copy to [email protected] and [email protected]
5) For reconciliation purposes, indicate on the Remarks column of the Excel list sent to the County, the status of the specific employee such as; – teaching/in service, retired, resigned, interdicted etc. The updated excel sheet to be submitted to the emails in No. 4.
Attached is an Excel list of the 3,500 employees sorted by County sent through the email addresses: – [email protected] and [email protected].
Please follow up on the matter to enable prompt reinstatement back on payroll.


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